Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Something’s happening to you The street you’re walking down won’t end and the exits have all disappeared You hear a sound which is corroded but comforting You know that if you try to run the walls will catch up so you join the insomniacs and the sleepwalkers That sweet memory you try hard to remember is missing too many pieces Whatever it takes to make them drown Can’t handle the pumping feeling The lampposts stand to attention The moon is now your only companion You can’t stand the nocturnal grin It spreads every time you return Your reflection now only shows a hazy mirage What you recognise doesn’t recognise you Your head is growing heavy You can’t resist the feeling Its taking over It’s alien to your senses You discover your body has been keeping secrets Oxygen’s no good to you Pleasure has defeated the fitness Evolution has been a waste of time Whatever the graveyard was looking after has been abandoned You swear there’s only one car in this town She’s no good now Her face masks another’s Her body is controlled by another’s The remote's been thrown away No one knows who’s taken over Being cool is boring and the rain is a cliché

Memories of green, charcol on paper, 2009

You have burned the brighest, charcol on paper, 2009

Maybe when our story's over, charcol on paper, 2009

Between God and me, charcol on paper, 2009

I could devour you, charcol on paper, 2009

Just take me with you, Charcol on paper, 2009

His clothes are dirty but his hands are clean, Charcol on paper, 2009

Some people call me friend, Charcol on paper, 2009

If you didn't wanna play the game then why did you come to the party?
Charcol on paper, 2009

Boys, forget the whale, Charcol on paper, 2009

I can change I swear, Charcol on paper, 2009

Childs Play, Pencil on Paper, 70cm x 90cm, 2008

They're are heroes in the seaweed
Pencil on paper, 40cm x 78cm, 2008

They were asked if the were Gods and they said no
Pencil on paper, 2008

The line that I shoot and what never miss
Pencil on paper, 29cm x 19cm, 2007

I feel funky, Pencil on paper, 29cm x 29cm, 2007

Hubba-Bubba, Pencil on paper, 29cm x 24cm, 2007

Blush, Pencil on paper, 28cm x 28cm, 2007

What was I suppose to do? Pencil on paper, 29cm x 40cm, 2007

Heaven on a saturday night, Pencil on paper, 80cm x 100cm, 2007

You're gonna love the way they tickle, Pencil on paper, 28cm x 40cm, 2007

She did that on purpose, Pencil on paper, 28cm x 40cm, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Hey I saw both your exhibitions on the gallery on upper street.
I really love the one on now. Voyages.